Lodge Executive Committee

The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) is directly responsible for making decisions within the Lodge. Chaired by the Lodge Chief, this committee plans and runs the year for the Lodge. There are multiple ways to get involved on the LEC, all of which are fun and interesting. For more information of the Lodge Executive Committee, contact our Lodge:

Lodge Chief Jackson Zagone jzagone@oalodge491.org
V.C. of Activities Wyatt Banton wbanton@oalodge491.org
V.C of Administration Campbell Nielsen cnielsen@oalodge491.org
V.C of Programs Nadia Zawinsky nzawinsky@oalodge491.0rg
V.C of Membership Open Position Inquire w/Lodge @oalodge491.org
Treasurer Anson Fleck afleck@oalodge491.org
Immediate Past Lodge Chief Thackery Moreland tmoreland@oalodge491.org
Vigil Chief Dirk Smelser dsmelser@oalodge491.org
Lodge Adviser Seth Roy sroy@oalodge491.org
Associate L.A – Activities Michelle Stockton mstockton@oalodge491.org
Associate L.A – Administration Open Position Inquire w/Lodge @oalodge491.org
Associate L.A – Programs Susie Smelser ssmelser@oalodge491.org
Associate L.A – Membership Matt Blankenship mblankenship@oalodge491.org
Associate L.A – Treasury Michelle Stockton mstockton@oalodge491.org
Vigil Adviser Seth Roy sroy@oalodge491.org

Chapter Leadership Teams

Chapter Chiefs lead their specific chapter meetings and events. They hold a vote on the Lodge Executive Committee, and are in charge of scheduling and conducting Unit Elections. For more chapter information, visit our chapter page here. To schedule a Unit Election, click here.

Hyas Lamonte (Fremont District)

Chapter Chief: Caleb Knapp                cknapp@oalodge491.org

Chapter Adviser: Matt Banton                  mbanton@oalodge491.0rg

Klamath (Klamath District)

Chapter Chief: Johnathon Laitinen               jlaitinen@oalodge491.org

Chapter Adviser: Ken Goswick                  kgoswick@oalodge491.org

Mow-A-Toc (Pacific Rivers District)

Chapter Chief: Daniel Gale            dgale@oalodge491.0rg

Chapter Adviser: Daniel Washburn           dwashburn@oalodge491.org

Pi-Ahi Ola Pits-Ki Chuck (Wild Rivers District)

Chapter Chief: Payshens Cichy        pcichy@oalodge491.org

Chapter Vice Chief of Activities:  Magnolia Schnobrich        mschnobrich@oalodge491.org


Chapter Adviser:  Cody Taylor       ctaylor@oalodge491.org

Chapter Associate Adviser: Ryan Schnobrich         rschnobrich@oalodge491.org