Annual dues are $15 and can be paid online, by mail, or in person to a Council office or Lodge event. As a reminder, the Lo La’Qam Geela lodge flap you wear on your uniform indicates you are a current dues paying member. The dues help fund the program supporting our council from service to our council camps. As an active member you have the right to come to activities and fellowship, along with the ability to purchase Lodge patches. You also have the opportunity to become a Brotherhood, be selected for the Vigil Honor, attend events, and be able to run for leadership opportunities within the Lodge. You should know that your lodge also supports many other activities in the district and council that are part of our mission to provide service to others. For instance, your dues are used to help pay for camp improvements and support the council mission.
Haven’t been active for a while? Originally from a different Lodge? No problem! We are excited you want to be a part of us! Whether you have moved, want to become active again, or are a parent of a newly inducted arrowmen who was in the OA as a youth, we welcome you to our family. Just make sure to do your best filling out a membership form.


To pay dues by mail, write checks to be made out to “Crater Lake Council – OA”. Envelopes can be addressed to:

Crater Lake Council – BSA
Attn: Lo La’Qam Geela Membership Renewal
3039 Hanley Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502