Vigil Nomination Form

Different from our usual Fall Fellowship Vigil Committee Meeting, Our Vigil Committee Meeting will take place on March 6th, via zoom. Nominations must be in by March 5th.

The Vigil Honor is the third and final honor in the Order of the Arrow. It features the Ordeal Arrow, Brotherhood bars, and Vigil Triangle on the white sash. To become eligible for the Vigil Honor, a Brotherhood Arrowman must continually stay active for 2 years after their Brotherhood induction. 1 Vigil Candidate is allowed for every 50 dues paid members of the Lodge. The Vigil Honor is bestowed on Individuals for continued service to Chapter, Lodge, Council, and/or Camp. Tenure in OA is not enough to bestow the Vigil Honor.


If you’re interested on being in the Committee, contact our Vigil Chief.